Listary Build 753 3.51.818

Instant searches embedded in your system


  • Find folders, files and apps as you type
  • Instant results
  • Command mode


  • Limited features in free version

Very good

Listary is a system-embedded search tool for Windows PCs

Listary is very similar to Mac’s Spotlight that lets you instantly search for files, folders and apps.

Listary runs in the background and all you need to open it is to press a customizable keyboard shortcut. When you enter your search keywords in Listary, the program will start displaying results as you type. Once you find what you are looking for, simply highlight it and press Enter.

But it's is more than just a search tool. It includes a Command mode that lets you run the terminal and browse system folders. You can also use wildcards when performing searches.

The only problem some users might find with Listary is that some of its most interesting functions are only available in the Pro version. Other than that, it is the perfect desktop companion for daily computer usage.

This tool is also available for people on the go with Listary Portable.

Listary is an easier, more comfortable way to browse files and folders and perform searches.



Listary Build 753 3.51.818

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